New product: 3G/MMS /SMS Scouting Camera

WildspyCam 3G wildlife camera is an wireless infrared detection device with 3G network and also support 2G. It is triggered a movement of animal or human who detected by Pyroelectric Infrared sensor (PIR). Any change of environment temperature caused by movement of animals in observation area triggers completion of photographs or video automatically. The detection photos could be sent by the camera to a mobile phone or mailbox via 3G network. You also can send commands remotely through any cellphone to camera to update setting of scouting achieved by SMS.


Solar System for Trail Camera

     Come with a high conversion efficiency polycrystalline solar panel, our Wildspy solar power pack system is your perfect companion, keeping your wildspy camera on the go without worrying battery issue in a wild field. Not only for all Wildspy-solar trail camera, it should be suitable for other third party devices which will be supported within the ratings. With an on-board battery, the Solar pack supply your camera with all day high capacity energy. It can also be used for charging any cellphone and other electronics appliances in the field during camping or picnic, ect...

Freecall 3G 5.0 App released

     A great news coming up on April. Freecall members have no pain to enjoy unlimited Freecall service with any Android smartphone 5.0 or higher. No longer looking for other third party Apps to try. Now, just need to install this new app to your cellphone whatever higher upto 6.0, your phone will be working fine with freecall service. See more and enjoy.....

WiFi Bell

     New released product which you might never seen before. This is an intelligent design Wireless Video Door bell. It will be online through WiFi to allow you to view and chat with a visitor throgh your cellphone or a remote panel enven you are traveling on the world.

Video Door Intercom

     Come with a high resolution 7 inches TFT LCD with screen touch buttons design, the indoor monitor is equipped with 4 wires easy connection with upto 2 outdoor units (See DB-162H / DB-165H) supported. The outstanding design will perform multi functions in 1 like Monitor/intercom/unlocking/ calling ect..