About us


COMPANY PROFILE:  Compu-Technic Digital & Technology LTD. is a consumer electronics product manufacturer. Established in 1987, The headquartered Office is in Hong Kong and has production plants in Huizhou, China.

PRODUCT LINES:  Compu-Technic's technology capabilities include both Digital and Analog products as:

(a) We develop and produce a series of Animal Camera; Hunting Camera and Home Security monitor.

(b) For the Telecom Product line, we have various models of Desk Top; Single Piece telephone for office and home application.

(c) Our strong VoIP technology experience allows us to produce SIP products and Global Calling service such as unlimited FREECALL and Apps as well as hardware products.


Our factory is complied with ISO 9001:2000 standard in all production processing. Knowing that high quality ensures a good reputation, we committed to maximizing the quality of our products. Quality tests are taken place at each production stage from design; order processing, material selection, production to delivery. Detailed quality control procedures are posted everywhere to remind workers or their responsibilities. Finished products are once again examined with vibration test, drop test, humidity test and burn-in test before delivered to our customers.


Quality control is enforced at each production phase by our QC and QA team, which consists of experienced engineers, technicians and production staff. Special training sessions are offered to ensure stringent quality inspections.

Key to Compu-Technic's rapid technology development and excellent factory management is a strong R&D team of experienced engineers. Equivalent important role is also playing by all our staffs both in Hong Kong and China factory. Causing us to produce high-quality products and to provide high-quality services is the contribution of all our loyal and quality members in the company.