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  Telephone Accessory ; Handset Cord Untangler ; Tangle-Free Adapter
Add to CartCT-104
Thunder absorber


Add to CartCT-105
Telephone record adapter
Add to CartCT-106
Telephone record/playback  adapter
Add to CartCT-107
Telephone record/playback  adapter with remote
Add to CartCTU-1
Telephone cord Untangler; Tangle-free adapter


Add to CartCTU-2 
Telephone cord Untangler with soft plug; Tangle-free adapter


Add to CartCTU-3 
Telephone cord Untangler; Tangle-free adapter



Add to CartCT-2128
Telephone Exchanger for Small Business 

* 2x Phone Lines IN ; 8x Extensions Out

* 220~240V AC Powered

* Compatible for standard PSTN Telephones